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Bert van Meggelen, Olof Koekebakker (eds.)

Memory and Transformation
International Triennial Apeldoorn. 100 Days of Culture, Gardens and Landscape

Design: Yvo Zijlstra and Antenna Men, Paperback, sewn, Illustrated (colour and b/w) , 176 pages, Size: 24.5 x 29 cm
English edition, ISBN 978-90-5662-015-8, € 35.00
Dutch edition, ISBN 978-90-5662-009-7

In association with the International Apeldoorn Garden and Landscape Architecture Triennial

Memory & TransformationIn the summer of 2008 the inaugural edition of the International Garden and Landscape Architecture Triennial is being staged in Apeldoorn, the garden city of the Netherlands. This city, this landscape of gardens, aims to raise its profile with a fitting large-scale event that is supra-regional, an activity of international significance: a manifestation about nature, culture and landscape, the three components that traditionally form the heart of landscape and garden architecture.

The landscape is a character, a personality. The domain of landscape architecture is where we reflect on and actively shape the relationship between nature, culture and landscape. Landscape architecture is asked to formulate and implement pleasing, satisfactory and sustainable solutions, in situations where different and sometimes competing functions have to be accommodated in the same region or on the same tract of land. The discipline is, moreover, intertwined with questions of identity, whether of a country, a region, a neighbourhood or a place. Landscape is indeed a character, a personality. There are a great many people - local residents, users, members of associations for nature conservation and cultural heritage - to whom these questions are of concern, alongside a whole range of academic disciplines and those from 'allied professions'.

In our increasingly individualized society, the enclosed landscape, the garden and gardening culture provide a perpetual fountainhead of aesthetic experiences.
Social significance, urgency, beauty, inspiration, identity and broad public interest are aspects that play an important part in this unique recurring event.

This book covers all these aspects in the form of essays by scholars and interviews with policymakers and designers, as well as in the general information about the various programme components and activities.

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