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Positions - Journal on Modern Architecture and Urbanism

Positions is a new, international and interdisciplinary journal that is wholly devoted to the history, theory and analysis of modern architecture and urban planning since 1900. With an international and interdisciplinary editorial team of the leading specialists in their fields, it represents an authoritative platform for new and pioneering research, decisive insights, new agendas and debate. It therefore represents the only journal that addresses modern architecture and urban planning since 1900 in all its intellectual, geographic and interdisciplinary aspects: from the most recent re-evaluation of the concept of modernism to the latest insights in the domain of interdisciplinary spatial studies; from the initial results of new research in Asia and Africa to the opening up of extensive new areas of research in the countries behind the former Iron Curtain; from probing architectural historical analyses to insights from fields of research such as gender studies, colonial and post-colonial history, philosophy and film.

Positions will be published between two and four times per year. Each issue is devoted to a particular theme, with an introductory essay by the editor or guest editor responsible. This is followed by four to six articles about specific aspects of the theme and a discussion forum with contributions from peer reviewers, external contributions and readers' letters. The result is a periodical that is both authoritative and innovative, accessible and scholarly, radical and surprising.

Positions 1 Grand Plans

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Sarah Williams Goldhagen, Eric Mumford, Cor Wagenaar (eds.)

Positions #1
Grand Plans
Journal on Modern Architecture and Urbanism

Design: Joseph Plateau, Paperback, sewn, Illustrated (colour and b/w), 160 pages, Size: 17 x 24 cm
English edition, ISBN 978-90-5662-653-2, € 29.50

In association with the University of Minnesota Press
With the support of the Netherlands Architecture Fund

Rights for North and South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand through the University of Minnesota Press

Positions is an international, multidisciplinary, blind peer-reviewed scholarly journal devoted to the ongoing history, historiography, analysis, and theoretical reconceptualization of modern architecture and urbanism. The aim of the journal is not to settle once and for all the question of what modern architecture and urbanism has been or is. Rather Positions is a discursive forum for research on, inquiries into, and debate about modern architecture and urbanism; for the asking of new questions and the re-examination of old ones; for the framing of new research agendas and the reframing of familiar ones; for the excavation and analysis of unknown or understudied projects, institutions and movements and the reexamination of previously examined ones; and for the deepening of established theoretical perspectives and their contestation by new ones. In the spirit of modernism itself, the editors of Positions wish to break down the barriers that prevent the study of modern architecture and urbanism from becoming a truly international and multidisciplinary field, unhampered by linguistic barriers and the vastly different cultures of the many scholars currently at work. The contributions will lead toward multiple paths, sometimes heading in the same direction, sometimes following opposite tracks.

The first issue of Positions will focus on global urbanism, providing scholars with a platform to present the latest explorations in the field, broadening its scope, and questioning the limits and inner logic of the body of knowledge amassed so far.

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